Oct 21, 2016 / By Cosmos

Application of NiTi ribs on rib pseudoartrosis

The patient suffered of double rib fracture in consequence of a fall. Fractures were apparently healed but after some time the pain did not stop. Image diagnostics showed the formation of pseudoartrosis on the fractures. Surgery was performed and the pseudoartrosis removed showing the fractures.

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Apr 25, 2015 / By Cosmos

NiTinol clips for rib fractures: the ultimate technology for chest trauma

Rib fractures can now be treated with preshaped NiTi Rib plates: just measure the rib diameter to be treated and choose the NiTi Rib plate of the correct size. No complicated instruments, just sterile ice and warm water to be used for the application with even a smaller surgical incision.

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Apr 21, 2016 / By Cosmos

Pectus Excavatum System with NiTinol pre shaped bars

Discover the new minimally invasive technique for Pectus Excavatum by Prof. Rudakov

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Jun 02, 2014 / By webmin

Thoracotomy and clamshell closure

This specific configuration of NiTi Rib Plates, available in 3 sizes, allow easier thoracotomy approximation and closure. Quite useful as well to reapproximate clamshell surgical incisions.

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